Friday, 2 July 2010

The Law Scrappage Scheme

You have probably all heard by now of the government's new website asking us to tell them which laws we would like to see scrapped. I tried visiting it yesterday, but it wouldn't come up on my screen, due to being too busy I presume. It has come up this morning, and there are already quite a number of good suggestions.

The first thought of most Humanists was to abolish the law about compulsory Christian assemblies in schools, but I'm sure there are many others. Your suggestions would be welcome in the comments here.


Closer to home, I've just received news that our member Rose Austen has had a fall and is hospitalised - as if she didn't already have enough to put up with. I've tried to cheer her up by saying that my brother Michael also had a fall recently and broke his leg, but was out of hospital in a few days - it's surprising what the doctors can now do with a few nuts and bolts! But I don't suppose this was much consolation. One feels rather useless in such circumstances.


  1. Graham Martin-Royle2 July 2010 at 14:58

    Sorry to hear about your fall Rose and I hope you are up and about again soon.

  2. Graham Martin-Royle2 July 2010 at 15:02

    Which laws to get rid of? Hmm, there are so many choices.
    Tax breaks for religion.
    Using public money for faith schools.
    The terrorism laws (we didn't need them during the Northern Ireland troubles).

  3. Graham Martin-Royle2 July 2010 at 15:10

    Just had a look in at the site, abolishing faith schools and compulsory worship do appear to have a lot of followers.

    I'm not sure I would support the idea to make it illegal to be fat though, I might be forced to emigrate should that become law -lol-.

  4. I've not yet registered on the site since I'm finding it confusing. There seem to be umpteen motions all asking for compulsory worship to be stopped. Why don't they amalgamate them all? perhaps one should just vote for the one with the most comments.

  5. Graham Martin-Royle3 July 2010 at 17:16

    i tried to register but was unable to do so. it appeared confusing, to say the least. i think this will end up like to petitions website, there will be a lot of duplication, and no-one in government will take any notice of anything anyway.

  6. I've registered now. It works pretty much like any other site you register for, except you can't use your own name because no spaces are allowed in the user name. I "rated" a number of proposals, but there are so many of them (98 pages at 30 per page makes about 3000 I reckon). Finding the ones you want to rate is a problem. Reading through them all could take weeks.