Thursday, 8 July 2010

Our July Meeting: Humanist Weddings

Thanks are due to Lesley Arnold-Hopkins for an excellent and often amusing talk, together with a few musical illustrations, about Humanist Wedding ceremonies this evening (8th July). Thanks also to the two members of the audience who took part in the illustration of hand-fasting.

Despite a good mention for the meeting in the local press we only attracted 10 people this time, in addition to the speaker, but no doubt many people have found cooler things to do in this very hot weather. In common with other Groups we are now taking a break, and the next formal lecture meeting will be in September.

There were some lively questions and answers at the end of the talk, and we also had time for a general discussion session. Len Myers brought an old leaflet, unfortunately undated, from the Brighton and Hove Humanist Group which had the words of John Lennon's poem Imagine on the back page, where it says that he "expressed very clearly the Humanist philosophy". However, Jacob noted that it was more of an Anarchist lyric. The leaflet also contained details of a Bexhill and Rother Humanist Group, and a North Sussex Humanist Group, which no longer exist.

The question of how to define Humanism came up again, and I mentioned the Amsterdam Declaration of the IHEU as one such statement, though it is very much "motherhood and apple-pie" that very few could disagree with.

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