Monday, 5 July 2010

Tom Paine in Lewes

Photo: Tony Benn examining the memorial to Tom Paine in Lewes, while the man on the left appears to be trying to push it over!

Over the week-end (3-4 July) I visited Lewes on two occasions. The first was to join a group from Berkshire Humanists to visit Bull House, where Tom Paine lived for six years (1768-1774) before emigrating to the American colonies, and to hear a talk on Paine from local author David Powell.

At the meeting I learnt that there was to be another event the next day (4th July US Independence Day) when a new memorial to Tom Paine by local sculptor Marcus Cornish was to be unveiled by Tony Benn. There is a fuller report with other photos on a page of my website:

Tom Paine in Lewes

The sculpture appears to represent something like Tom Paine emerging from obscurity to fame, or notoriety.

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  1. There are many photos of the visit to Bull House with the Berkshire Humanists on 3rd July on their
    facebook page
    The pictures carry on over to a second page.