Friday, 2 July 2010

Response from Amber Rudd MP

The BHA urged us to write to local MPs asking them to vote for two Early Day Motions: EDMs 243 on "science education in schools" (for evolution to be included) and EDM 185 on the "Ulster museum exhibition" (for creationism to be excluded).

Our new MP Amber Rudd has replied to my email, saying that she will NOT be signing because she is "happy with the current provisions for science education".

She writes that: "The Government wants the new curriculum to be slimmer and less prescriptive, thus giving schools more freedom to innovate." and "will remove everything unnecessary from a curriculum that has been bent out of shape by the weight of material dumped there for political purposes."

This seems to entirely miss the point of the motions. Evolution should be included because it is the basis for understanding biology, not for any political reason.

I note that the "Sceptical Voter" website that I mentioned last year, has apparently not been updated since the election. It still lists Michael Foster as our MP and features Evan Harris on the front page, though he lost his seat.

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